JMAM Management A/S is a small family-owned company founded in 2015, based on more than 25 years of experience in the financial and property development industry. We have 2 companies 100% owned subsidiaries JMAM Finans A/S and JMAM Ejendomme A/S, whose purpose is to invest in real estate.

For more than 25 years, we have been involved in the Danish finance and real estate business, including construction, leasing, financing and administration of our own properties as well as external clients in Denmark and abroad.

We currently offer property financing, development and operation of rental properties as well as administration, book-keeping and asset management of companies. This is done in collaboration with you, as a customer.

In addition, we provide buyer advice for clients who want a secondary assessment of their financing options and real estate acquisition in Denmark. We work together from start to finish in the process. One of our specialties is financial advice related to problems in
companies as well as private financial challenges.

In recent years, we have developed a concept for buyer advice in Spain. We have office and permanent cooperation with brokers on the Costa del Sol, where we are especially strong in buyer advice. We have extensive experience in screening the market for our customers so that their property/apartment inspection is tailored to their needs. This avoids you, the buyer, from having to spend unnecessary time in connection with your upcoming purchase.

As a niche, we offer, via EMS “by Anita”, personal training. See more about this under EMS “by Anita” 

Contact John for further information or questions.


  • jw@jmam.dk
  • +45 3090 3030