At JMAM Finans A/S, the Group’s equity is invested in various types of assets, including investment properties and mortgage deeds in residential rental properties. The investment of the Group’s equity in investment properties or securities is continuously adjusted in line with market developments and our desire for risk diversification. Our portfolio of securities consists mainly of mortgages placed in property rental properties owned by real estate investors.

 In connection with the placement of our own portfolio, we offer financing or purchase of 1st priority mortgage letters in primarily residential rental properties, either by re-establishing real estate financing by mortgage letters or purchasing mortgage letters in business relationships. In some cases, we may also offer the purchase of 2nd priority mortgage letters or the financing of 2nd priority in residential rental properties.

 To the extent that we are unable to offer mortgages or financing via mortgages to supplement our own portfolio, we can refer to a number of approved and professional players in the real estate financing market where we have many good relationships. It is banks, mortgages and mortgage companies that also offer financing in commercial rental properties and in private housing.

 The most important thing for JMAM Finans A/S is to be honest, fast and transparent in our dialogue. We will at all times highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the case. This applies whether it is in connection with the purchase of our own portfolio of securities or if we have to refer to other financing companies as mentioned above. It is important that our customers are safe throughout the process from application to settlement.

 JMAM Finans A/S does not provide financial advice to neither private nor traders – we refer to the approved advisors and financial institutions. We do not provide financing for fees, and we cannot assist with financing of private customers/private homes.

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